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SEMARC Special Projects and Events

Governor's Proclamation 2022

Field Day 2022

WØM Special Event
Remembering The Battle of Midway 2022
Event Recap

KØM Special Event
Celebrating the Minnesota Birthday Bash 2022

KØM certificate 2022

Field Day 2021

WØM Special Event
Celebrating the Minnesota Birthday Bash 2021

WØM certificate 2021

WØM in the Local News
Page 1 and Page 2

Field Day 2020

NØW Special Event
Celebrating the USS Ward 2020

NØW certificate 2020

KØA certificate 2020

The WØB B-52 Crash project 2019

KØA Special Event
Celebrating the U.S. Postal Airway Route System 2017

KØA in the Local News

"SPARKS" Program for Kids

Scholarship Program

Remembering the Milwaukee Road Railroad 2010, 2011

Jamboree on the Air


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